Why We Like the Amana Heat Pump for Kennewick

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October 6, 2021
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We at A One Refrigeration are proud to be certified Amana Professionals. This means we meet the standards set by the company for selection, installation, and repair of their HVAC products. As a result, we want to share with you why we like the Amana Heat Pump for Kennewick.

Why We Like Amana Heat Pumps?

Amana has several different types of heat pumps that will be able to meet a wide variety of needs. Heat pumps can produce cold air in the summer and hot air during the winter. This is essential in our area. We get many hot months that need a solid HVAC unit. They have a variety of units with different SEER ratings depending on your particular property and needs.

We know the Amana brand well and can verify they perform well in various conditions, have a long-life span, and are solid, reliable systems. Amana also has a leading reputation in the industry for standout HVAC and related products for residential and commercial uses.

Benefits of an Amana Heat Pump

Several of their heat pumps have smart technology which offers automatic adjustments to the speed of the compressor depending on cooling demand. Collects data on your energy use and works with an Amana furnace to provide optimal indoor comfort. They are also designed with high-density foam to reduce compressor noise when in operation.

Another benefit is that these heat pumps have energy ratings range from 15 SEER to 21 SEER. Energy efficiency is important because it reduces stress on the unit, which reduces the number of breakdowns, and extends its lifespan. Energy efficiency also helps pay for the unit itself in reduced power bills. So, no matter the size of your property Amana has a heat pump for you.

Think about it. Even a few points down on the SEER rating can save you hundreds of dollars per year depending on the rating, usage, and other factors. Here are a few more benefits of the Amana unit:

  • Efficient variable speed compressor and ECM condensed fan motor.
  • Advanced technology to avoid temperature swings.
  • Smart thermostat to program and set temperature when away from the unit.
  • Heavy-Gauge steel enclosure with advanced top for quiet operation.
  • Quiet operations.
  • Industry leading warranty.

Feel free to view more for yourself on the official site for Amana heat pumps.

Replacing your Heat Pump in Kennewick

Therefore, if you are in the market for a furnace replacement or heat pump upgrade, we recommend that you select your unit with the help of a trained professional. Our team has the experience to review your home and make the best suggestions for a new heat pump. We will install your Amana heat pump for Kennewick according to the manufacturer’s guide thus keeping your warranty intact. Feel free to contact us to get professional quote today.