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September 7, 2021
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We at A One Refrigeration are experts in installing and selecting all sorts of air conditioning systems for all types of properties in our area. However the many different types can be confusing. To help you get a better understanding, below we will discuss a split HVAC system versus a packaged HVAC system for Pasco.<!—more—>

1. What is a Split HVAC System?

This system is very common in our area and easy to spot. Do you have one unit located outdoors and one unit located inside in an attic or similar area? You have a split HVAC system. The indoor unit is the evaporator coil, blower, and other components. It is also where you change your air filter. The outdoor unit houses the compressor coil and condenser coils. The indoor and outdoor components work together to transfer heated air in your home outside in the summer and brings in air outside generating heat to warm your home during winter.

Advantages of a split HVAC system include:

  • Less square feet used up in the yard.
  • Shorter ducts that last longer.
  • More options and sizes for the air filter.
  • May be easier to access and service in certain scenarios.

However, these systems can be hard to access if the indoor unit is in a crawl space or other cramped area. There are also certain dangers with these units that must be addressed by professionals such as carbon monoxide leaks and possible water damage.

2. What is a Packaged HVAC System?

As the name implies, this system is housed within one unit containing all components. It is often used in properties without sufficient space in the indoor area to house a split HVAC system. It is usually stored outside in one large unit.

Advantages of a packaged HVAC system include:

  • Good choice for those with little to no indoor space for a complete unit.
  • Easier to service during nice weather.
  • Minimized danger of leaks.

However, these systems are very large and can take up a good deal of yard space. You must also think about this if you ever decide to sell your property. Many buyers tend to look for split HVAC systems when looking for a new home.

You can read more on how a packaged HVAC system works by clicking here .

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We do not recommend that you select or install your own split or packaged HVAC system. This is merely a guide to help you select which one works best for your needs. We always recommend you get the help of a trusted and experienced HVAC professional in your area. Our team has the experience to review your property, make the best suggestions for your overall system, and install it all while keeping your warranty valid. Feel free to contact us to get professional quote on your split, packaged, or other HVAC system.