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Air Purification

Duct Cleaning & Repair

Here at A-One, we believe in solving the problem from the source. One of the biggest causes of HVAC system failure is clogged coils. When the coil or air filter is clogged, it causes lack of air flow. Lack of air flow forces your system to work harder to compensate for that, and ends up putting unnecessary stress and strain on the system which results in premature component or system failure.

There are a couple things we can do to help prevent this, but the first would be to get all the built debris out of the duct work, so it can’t flow through the system anymore. Duct cleaning only needs to be done every two to five years, depending on how tight the duct work is. If there are gaps, holes, and leaks in the duct work, it will need to be done more often. We use a camera to inspect the duct work prior to and after cleaning it to ensure it is sealed and was fully cleaned.

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Air Purifiers

You may choose to add in-duct air purification systems after the duct work is properly sealed and cleaned, . We proudly install the REME Halo air purification system. This is patented technology that is capable of purifying any room or surface that your HVAC system reaches. It is designed to eliminate “sick building syndrome” by killing bacteria, molds, viruses, and odors. It is also effective against all three categories of indoor air pollutants: particles, microbial, and gases.

The REME HALO has a built in UV light and produces an ionized Hydro-Peroxide plasma that is distributed through the air handler, through the duct work, and finally into the conditioned living spaces. The Hydro-Peroxide is naturally occurring in the Earth’s atmosphere to clean the air. It is an easy and safe way to clean the air and surfaces in your home. The ionized plasma reduces airborne particles by causing them to clump together. This process makes it easier for your filter to catch them prior to entering the airways in your home.

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UV Lights

We also install additional UV light purifiers in and around the indoor coil for additional protection against mold, mildew, virus, and bacteria growth. The coil is the perfect breeding ground for these contaminants. We recommend UV light installation on all systems, no matter the age or condition.

The air purification systems are vital for anyone interested in the health of their home and the health of the inhabitants. The REME HALO reduces sneeze germs by 99% in the time that it can reach 3 feet. How nice would it be that when one person in the home is sick, the whole family doesn’t come down with it too? These are just a few benefits of installing a whole home purifier can offer you and your family. We can remove these devices and install them into your new home should you choose to move.