Our Maintenance plan

Did you know that most HVAC system breakdowns are avoidable?

Improperly maintained furnaces, heat pumps, and air conditioners can waste energy,
have a shorter lifespan, and degrade your business’s indoor air quality. A-One Refrigeration and Heating offers commercial maintenance plans
as an easy and cost-effective way to keep your system in peak condition.

The A-One Refrigeration and Heating team is skilled in preventative HVAC maintenance for greater comfort throughout Washington’s Tri Cities.
Out heating and AC services keep your equipment running well for years.

Our Maintenance Plan Members Receive:

•Static pressure test (to ensure proper airflow throughout the home or business)

•Temperature rise evaluation

•Combustion analysis (for gas equipment)

•Comprehensive safety of electrical wiring

•Outdoor coil cleaning

•100% satisfaction guarantee

Our Platinum Maintenance Plans Also Include:

•Indoor coil and drain system cleaning

•Refrigerant leak test

•2-year maintenance agreement (no service fees)

•10% repair discount

•Preferred scheduling



Commercial heating and cooling equipment breakdowns can
disrupt business activity and hurt your business’s bottom line. Our team is here to help.
The A-One Refrigeration and Heating team is skilled in commercial HVAC maintenance, helping to avoid emergency breakdowns and expensive repairs.