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August 4, 2021
Split HVAC Versus Packaged HVAC System for Pasco
October 6, 2021

We at A One Refrigeration are experts in selecting and installing all sorts of HVAC systems for all types of properties for our general area. As a result, below we will share with you the best HVAC system for Pasco as well as what you should look for.

1. Choose Your Type of HVAC System

We here in Pasco tend to get our share of both cold and hot weather, although the former does take precedent. For these cases, we often recommend getting a heat pump. It can provide your home with both cool and hot air in one unit, rather than having to purchase a separate air conditioner and heater. Heat pumps usually use one indoor and one outdoor unit. They can be powered by electricity, gas, or a hybrid of both. However, it is essential you review your property to see if a heat pump is right for you.

2. How to Select an HVAC System

Once you determine the type of HVAC system you want, be sure to look at these points below to ensure you select the correct system:

  • Size of property in square feet.
  • Power source available: electric, natural gas, etc.
  • Make and model of current unit.
  • Average temperature settings for summer and winter.
  • Condition of ductwork and vents.

3. Shop Brands for HVAC System

Many wonderful manufacturers make top notch heating and cooling systems. We recommend you spend a little more to get a name brand, as well as the warranty that comes along with it. No name brands can end up costing you far more in frequent breakdowns, lack of efficiency, and shorter lifespan. You may research online for a brand that meets your needs. We at A One like the Daikin brand as well as many others.

4. Best Heat Pump for Pasco

We have installed many heat pumps and other HVAC systems for the area that work very well. However, one of our favorites is the Daikin DZ20VC Whole House Heat Pump. The unit offers up to a 21 SEER energy efficiency when selected and installed correctly. It can be used in combination with gas furnace or air handler. The unit has inverter technology to prevent temperature swings as well as smart thermostat features. It even offers an amazing 12 year replacement warranty. You may read more by clicking here for the official Daikin site.

More on the Best HVAC System for Pasco

We do not recommend that you purchase or install your own heat pump or HVAC system. This is merely a guide to help you select one with the help of a trusted and experienced professional in your area. The A One Refrigeration team has the experience to review your property, make the best suggestions, and install the system while keeping your warranty valid. Feel free to contact us to get professional quote on your heat pump and other HVAC systems.