Summer Air Conditioning “Hacks”

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August 26, 2019

How’s your air conditioning running this summer? How about your power bills? Are they higher than normal?

I have a few helpful tricks that ANYONE can do to help their AC run better, cooler, and more efficiently…

First and foremost, check your air filter!! When was the last time you changed it? 1-inch filters need to be changed at least monthly. We recommend that when you pay your power bill, you change your filter! The larger filters can last for up to 6 months in homes with clean and tight ductwork, but we recommend checking them after 3 months. If you notice that after 3 months your 4 or 5-inch filters is plugged, that could be a sign of a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. If your home has leaky or dirty ductwork, all that debris that’s getting sucked in is going straight to the filter. When the filter is dirty and plugged, it causes air flow restrictions which in turn causes your system to work harder to overcompensate for the lack of air flow. When the system is running with lack of air flow, it will cause components to fail early due to over working them and it could even lead to premature major component failures like coils and heat exchangers. Although changing the filter seems super simple, it is one of the biggest culprits for premature system failure.

The second step would be to simply hose off your outdoor unit. If you point the hose at a downward angle and spray off the coils all the way around the condenser, you will get the larger debris off the coil which will help the air flow through the unit better and help it be more efficient. This can also help the air be cooler and have more air flowing through your vents when your system is running.

While you’re hosing off the unit, also check around the unit to make sure there’s no big debris around it. Keeping the grass cut and the space around the condenser clear will help reduce debris that can clog the coil.

There are also a few easy things to do around the house that can help keep it nice and cool throughout the day. Keeping the blinds, curtains, windows, and doors shut can greatly reduce the amount of heat coming in to the home. Keeping the fan in the on position at all times will keep the air circulating throughout the home can help it feel cooler and fresh at all times.

While all of these things can greatly help the efficiency of your system, the best thing to do is get a professional out to do a complete, thorough check the entire system and its components. Our trained and licensed technicians go through every nook and cranny of the furnace and air conditioner to ensure that there are no underlying issues. We approach systems from a holistic stance; finding the root cause of any issue so it can be fixed the right way, the first time. It is our mission to make sure our customers are comfortable and safe in their homes in regards to the air condition & heating system.