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March 16, 2021
4 Dumbest AC Repair Mistakes
May 12, 2021

There are many ways to break your AC. Anything from severe weather to bad maintenance to a number of other items can affect its performance. However, we have noticed an odd trend in this common way to break your AC. We’ll show you what it is, how to avoid it, and what you should do after the fact.

1. The AC Symptoms

We had a client whose heat pump was blowing but not blowing cold. Those who may not be familiar with them should know that heat pumps are a common HVAC unit. They can generate hot air in the winter and cool air in the summer. The heat pump had worked all winter and some of the spring. However, in the hotter months it did not blow cold. The client changed the thermostat batteries, checked the air filter, and the fuse box – as we recommend. These did not fix the issue.

2. The AC Issue

We arrived at the property and attached our reader. At first, we suspected a coolant leak, as the unit was only five years old and in good working condition. We identified no leaks. All components were working as intended. Then we noticed something odd: a wire with electrical tape.

It turns out that while trimming their plants, the client accidentally cut the wire. The unit still worked, so they didn’t think it was consequential. However, the wire is one of the power sources for the cooling part of the unit. This is why it did not kick on fully when it was needed. As a result, we conducted a strip and repair of the wire. The unit then worked as normal.

3. How to Avoid This AC Issue

Of course, we always recommend caution when doing any work around the unit. It has wires, pipes, and other components that can be easily damaged. When the issue does occur, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Unfortunately, this wire is not a simple wire. It has many complex parts and needs to be put together properly for the unit to work correctly. Also, it can be hazardous if this wire is put tother incorrectly. Be sure to contact a trusted HVAC professional in your area to address this and other issues. It is also a standard part of checking and performing routine AC maintenance.

Feel free to click here to see a diagram on the wiring for a common heat pump.

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