A Common Way to Break Your AC
April 14, 2021
Beware This AC Replacement Scam
June 4, 2021

There are many ways for your AC to breakdown on its own. But there are other dangers to your HVAC unit in addition to traditional wear and tear. In fact, you may be the biggest danger to your air conditioner. As experts, we’ve come across more than a few. Below will show you the dumbest AC repair mistakes and how to avoid it.<!—more—>

1. Clipping a Wire

A common error, you may inadvertently clip a wire when doing something like mowing the yard, trimming the edges, cutting plants, or pulling weeds. These small wires often tend to be electrical and feed power to your unit. Once cut, you may find that your unit doesn’t power on or doesn’t cool as hard as it should. Unfortunately, this is not a simple fix and a professional should be called. We recommend wrapping up your wires to a more stable root as shown in the image above to avoid the accidental cut. Read more on A Common Way to Break Your AC.

2. Covering the Unit

Yes, severe weather can damage many of your household components. However, your outdoor unit is built to withstand this type of damage including severe cold temperatures, severe hot temperatures, and even a little mild hail. There are very few circumstances in which you should cover your unit. There are no circumstances in which your unit should be covered 100% of the time when it’s in operation. Covering your unit not only disrupts the air flow causing the unit to work harder, your cover may accidentally be taken into the unit itself during the suction part of its operation. This can cause permanent damage to the unit and will void the warranty.

3. Wrong Filter in the System

We are big fans of replacing your unit’s air filter on a regular basis. However, it is never okay to use the wrong size filter. This is even true if your filter is wide and long enough, but the width is off. Your unit was made to operate with a certain size filter. The wrong sized one can do anything from decrease performance to get pulled into the unit and permanently damage it. You may click here for a guide on air filter sizing.

4. Wrong Mode on Thermostat

You may be surprised, but we get more than a few service calls from homeowners who merely had their thermostat set incorrectly. This includes not turning it on, having it set to cool when you want heat, and vice versa. Our team has also been called to emergency situations just to flip a switch in the fuse box. Be sure and check all these items before spending the time and money to call a professional.

Fix AC Repair Mistakes in Pasco & the Tri-Cities

Do you need help repairing or avoiding these AC repair mistakes in the Tri-Cities or surrounding areas? We can help by performing expert AC repair that are guaranteed in addition to maintenance, replacement, installation, and a number of other related tasks. Feel free to contact us to get all the HVAC services you need in Pasco, Kennewick, and the surrounding areas.