4 Dumbest AC Repair Mistakes
May 12, 2021
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July 5, 2021

Sooner or later we will all need AC replacement services. However, some unethical practitioners may push a new system on you when a simple repair will do or the unit is working just fine. Unfortunately, the average property owner may not be wary of these shady practices. Below we will show you why should beware of this AC replacement scam.<!—more—>

1. What is the AC Replacement Scam?

You call up your local HVAC provider for a maintenance service, repair estimate, or even simple diagnosis. They crawl around your property, attach a bunch of equipment, and return with bad news. They report your cooling (or heating) unit is severely damaged. Maybe the evaporator coil is leaking. Maybe the compressor has gone bad. Perhaps your system uses an old type of forbidden coolant that is no longer in service. In any case, your unit is on its last legs and needs to be replaced before it stops working all together. The good news is they can get you a great deal on a new system. They return with an estimate for a new system with all the bells, whistles, and a peace of mind you won’t get from your current system.

The problem is your current system is running fine or just needs a simple repair. But you don’t know that and fall for the sales tactic. Worse still, falling for the AC replacement scam can cost you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.

2. How Can I Spot this HVAC Scam?

Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t know whether their system is failing or not. There are a few tell tale signs such as strange noises, higher power bills, etc. For the most part, you must don’t know when its last day will be. However, you can do a bit of research before the HVAC tech arrives. For example, how old is your unit? They can last for 10 to 15 years depending on the type. Does your unit fit in this time frame? You may also take images of the tech at work, especially the readings from any devices they use for future reference. The bottom line is: do not sign anything or allow the tech to proceed if you are unsure of their honesty.

3. How to Avoid the HVAC Scam

One of the best ways to avoid the cost of AC repair or replacement is to check your warranty. Simply go to the manufacturer website if you don’t have the information handy. For example, those of you who own an Amana unit may visit here to get warranty information.

The overall best way to not get scammed is to take the current tech’s estimate for repair and/or replace for reference. You should then shop around to one or two trusted providers in your area for a second and third opinion before making any decision.

Avoid the AC Replacement Scam in Pasco & the Tri-Cities

Have you received a questionable cooling or heating estimate in the Tri-Cities or surrounding areas? We will be happy to come down and give you our expert opinion on the cause, as well as provide you with a no obligation estimate. Feel free to contact us to get all the HVAC replacement and other services you need in Pasco, Kennewick, and the surrounding areas.