4 Reasons for an Electrical Panel Upgrade

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Your electrical panel is the device that regulates the electricity entering and coursing through your home. A circuit breaker within the panel can be tripped to stop the electricity from overloading the wiring if too much electricity is demanded on a particular circuit. An overload like that can result in a fire. Above all, it is the ultimate job of the electrical panel to regulate the electricity to keep your property and its occupants safe. However, they don’t last forever and there are many reasons for an electrical panel upgrade.

What is an Electrical Panel?

You see rows of switches when looking inside the electrical panel called circuit breakers. Some are doubled or even tripled to power larger appliances. The electrical panel uses a main power breaker designed to cut power off to the whole system. The breakers are programmed to turn off by themselves in the event of an overload.

1. Old, Outdated Electrical Panel

First of all, did you know that many electrical panels are only meant to last about 25 years? Properties with panels that are older than this run the risk of a major failure.

A few signs of a failing electrical panel include:

  • Hot or burnt spots on your existing panel.
  • Lights that inexplicably flicker.
  • More outages, especially if you run more than one appliance at a time.
  • Appliances that don’t run at full power.
  • Corrosion or rust on the circuit breakers.
  • Strange sounds coming from the panel.

Call a professional immediately if you suspect your electrical panel is about to fail.

2. Upgrades Within the Home

Older electrical panels used a design made for older properties. New appliances, smart technology, and much more can put an unwelcome burden on the panel. Check with a professional electrician in your area if you believe your power usage is exceeding your capacity.

3. Additions to the Property

Additions such as he sheds and she sheds are gaining in popularity. Many of these additions require their own power source, which will lead back to the electrical panel. As a result, be sure your panel can handle the extra power usage before attaching your new addition.

4. Incorrect Electrical Panel

In addition, your electrician or property builder may have installed the incorrect panel on your property. A few electrical panels to watch out for include:

  1. Federal Pacific Electric Panels.
  2. Zinsco Panels.
  3. Split-Bus Electrical Panels.
  4. Fuse Boxes.

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Get an Electrical Panel Upgrade in the Tri-Cities

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