3 Whole House Surge Protector Benefits

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Storm season will be upon us soon. However, it doesn’t have to be the season for you to experience whole house surge protector benefits. Below, we will show you how this handy little device can easily pay for itself in one instance.

What is a Whole House Surge Protector?

Whole home surge protectors act as a superior line of defense to guard against power surges from lightning strikes and other causes. You may have surge protectors on your tv, computer, and even a few appliances. These protectors range from decent to “for show” only. But it’s doubtful you have one for every electrical device on your property. The whole house surge protector is installed at the electrical panel to absorb the excess voltage created by surges and has an advanced design to withstand surge currents of up to 80,000 amps and beyond. Let’s see a power strip do that.

1. Advanced Protection of Sensitive Electrical Devices

Each year, tech gets more advanced. As a result, it gets more sensitive. Whole home surge protectors protect everything from your new smart refrigerator all the way to incandescent light bulbs. Not to mention all the other devices that can suffer damage from outlets to interior wiring and even the electrical panel itself.

2. Defense of All Types of Surges

A common myth is that most surges are caused by electrical storms. However, they can also be caused by a number of issues that don’t warn you in advance. They include:

  • Internal electrical overloads.
  • Failure in the wiring.
  • Power outages.
  • Malfunctions in electrical appliances.
  • Voltage dips, aka brownouts or sags.

A whole home surge protector can provide protection and against these and other forms of power surges that can damage your precious equipment. Worse still, not all homeowner’s insurance policies cover electrical surges, only cover part of them, or come with a high deductible.

3. It’s Inexpensive

So how much would you pay for this type of protection? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Many whole home surge protectors range in the hundreds of dollars. We highly recommend you have a professional electrician help you select and install the device on your electrical panel to ensure it is working correctly. Choose from models that are meant for indoors, outdoors, or both. There are even models that have LED indicators, apps, and more to alert you to when it is in use or has gone offline.

Click here to get a list of the Top 10 Whole House Surge Protectors as well as learn which features are right for your property.

Watch a Whole House Surge Protector in Action Below.

Whole House Surge Protector Benefits in the Tri-Cities

Do you live in the Tri-Cities area and want to learn more about what a whole house surge protector can do for your home or business? Feel free to contact us to get help selecting and installing one for Pasco, Kennewick, and the surrounding areas.