5 Best Practices to Maintain Energy Efficient Buildings

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October 8, 2020
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We’ve previously written about the benefits to commercial heating maintenance and wanted to continue by sharing best practices to maintain energy efficient buildings. We all know a penny of prevention is worth a dollar in cures. We will help ensure that no unexpected repairs or wasted funds wreak havoc on your bottom line.

1. Set Energy Goals

You have a budget set aside for your energy budget including electricity, natural gas, and other forms of power. In fact, those of you who have years of doing business in the same facilities with the same power provider can compare your bills over the years to create a realistic and achievable budget when it comes to energy efficiency. Set realistic goals but don’t be afraid to shoot for the best possible outcome.

2. Consider Going Solar

Here in Pasco and the surrounding areas, we get approximately 300 days of sunshine per year. Why let that go to waste? Solar energy can be a great way to maintain energy efficiency while helping out the environment. You may even qualify for certain credits when adding solar panels or other form of solar power to your property.

3. Perform HVAC Maintenance

Each and every year you should be having your HVAC equipment professionally maintained to keep them running at optimal levels, not to mention addressing any potential safety issues. Additionally, your tech can tell you if your HVAC system is energy efficient and working correctly for your needs. If not, there’s always:

4. Shop Around for Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Did you know a new energy efficient system can help offset its own cost in energy savings? It all depends on how much energy your current unit is using versus how much less your new unit will use. In addition, calculate the estimated number of future repairs needed on your current unit versus your potential unit’s warranty. You may see that a new unit isn’t as expensive as you think. Buildings with inefficient heating and cooling systems should definitely take the time to tabulate the cost versus savings.

5. Ask an Expert

Call around to several experts in your area to ask about HVAC systems you are considering to get their opinion on best brands, models, features, and more. Always get a licensed expert to perform all work on your HVAC systems from maintenance to installation in order to stay in compliance with your warranty.

Best Practices to Maintain Energy Efficient Buildings in the Washington Tri-Cities

Is your home or business in the Tri-Cities and would you like to learn more about practices for energy efficient buildings? Feel free to contact us to get all the necessary information for Pasco, Kennewick, and the surrounding areas.