UL Electrical Certification  In Pasco Kennewick WA

Installation and certification of electrical projects

A-One Refrigeration & Heating Inc. has cut a niche for itself as a provider of very specialized services. We have been in operation for more than 30 years and through this time, we have specialized our services so that our clients have a one-stop shop for all their electrical installation needs.

Some of the services that we specialize in A-One Refrigeration & Heating Inc. include:

Generator installation and repair

We specialize in generator installation service and repair. We understand what power blackouts could mean to businesses and at homes. Our standby generators detect a power outage and offer immediate backup in a matter of seconds. Our services are specialized to installation and repairs to cater for outages and also for the areas that are off the grid.

Panel Service Upgrades

A-One Refrigeration & Heating Inc. offers panel servicing so as to ensure that they serve you for as long as you need them. Whenever you need repairs done on your panels getting it done by an expert is the only sure way to get them working as good as new.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

At A-One Refrigeration & Heating Inc., we not only install and repair electrical works, but we also do upgrades as well. At times, all you need is to improve the existing instead of having to install a new panel altogether. We make our assessment on what the requirements are and advice you accordingly. After the assessment, we go ahead to make the upgrade so that your panel serves you as better. We do upgrades in both the commercial and residential fronts.

Panel Changes

We do panel changes for when your existing electrical panels cease to serve you well. Our trained experts make their assessment to see the current panels and make recommendations based on their assessment of your needs.

Various Electrical services:

We have a team of well trained and specialized technician for different projects. We have the capacity to undertake any electrical service, whether indoor or outdoor. We always advise our clients not to do any DIY projects, for their safety, as electrical services are specialized and require utmost care and professionalism. We are well versed in services such as sub-panel installation too. To provide security to you and your assets, we offer whole house surge protection services. With this in place, you have no need to worry about power fluctuations that could lead to a whole lot of damage.

Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) Certification:

At A-One Refrigeration & Heating Inc. we deal in activities that require high-level competence and equally high-level performance. As part of our growth, we have added our name to the UL listing. The company has acquired UL certification as an expert in certifying projects for other companies. UL certification is a coveted recognition as it proves the company has achieved the highest levels of competence in their field.

Since acquiring the UL certification, we have undertaken a series of big projects. We have been entrusted with certifying project procedures and methods of one of the largest companies, Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS). They have entrusted us to certify their procedures and methods as they undertake the massive clean-up project that is going to impact positively in the region.

Cities of Service:

We serve Pasco, Eltopia, Kennewick, Highland, West Pasco, Finley, Benton City, Badger, Richland and Washington City. Whenever you need our services, whether for your home or your business, we will come to you.