HVAC & Heating Cooling Services Pasco, Kennewick WA

Heating and Cooling Services Pasco, WA

Amateurs call it genius, we call it expertise. We are an expert company in the field of heating and cooling. From installation, maintenance to repairs, we do it all to ensure that your place of business or the place you call home has the optimal indoor temperature to offer you with the ultimate comfort.

Here are some of the HVAC services you can expect from us:

Commercial heating and cooling

At A-One Refrigeration and Heating, we have a great understanding of how our clients inhabit their working spaces, and this has led to us dealing in heating and cooling products that are solely designed to create an optimal indoor environment that uses energy in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

We provide business owners with packaged heating and cooling units that are fitted with factory-installed mechanisms to provide the most durable, effective and efficient service.

Residential heating and cooling

Scouting for a reliable company to provide your home with quality indoor air? Look no further. We offer a full line of residential heating and cooling to choose from. Our team of technicians is always ready to feed you on more HVAC information and to guide you when selecting a model that’s going to meet your home’s heating and cooling needs.

Electrical heat pumps

Did you know that an electric heat pump can help you save up to 30 percent on your monthly heating costs compared to other types of heat pumps? Additionally, we deal in high-quality Daikin heat pumps that have a five –star energy rating for efficiency meaning you get the best heating and cooling service at a fraction of your previous energy costs.

Air conditioning

From ducted air conditioning unit to ductless air conditioning units, we have great experience dealing with all types of cooling units. Wondering how to cut down your energy costs when you have an old school air conditioning unit? Well, we offer tune-up services that will significantly improve your unit’s energy efficiency.

Our air conditioning units feature the latest technology, providing you with indoor cooling comfort and the best air quality that is free from microbes.

Commercial refrigeration

Need to keep everything cool? A-One Refrigeration and Heating is your best choice. We provide high-quality commercial refrigeration services that include installation, maintenance, and repairs. Depending on your line of business, we have a broad range of commercial refrigeration products to choose from and our well-trained technicians will help you select one that is best suited to your business.

Ductless heat and cool

This is the future of heating and cooling, and we can proudly say that the future is here with us. Ductless heat and cool units are especially perfect if you are making a new construction or if you have recently converted your attic or garage to living space and don’t want to deal with the hassle and bustle of installing ductwork. Perhaps the number one advantage of ductless heat and cool is the fact that you can zone out your home such that you only use heating and cooling in certain rooms as needed.

Air conditioner gas lines and repairs

A-One Refrigeration and Heating offers you a professional and reliable gas line installation and repairs. All you need is make an appointment, and we will be there to advise you on the best course of action after which we will get the job done for you.

Electrical services

We work indoors and outdoors on nearly every type of facility – commercial or residential. We advise our clients to refrain from DIY electrical jobs as this is often a recipe for an electrical fire disaster. Our technicians are trained to work on all types of electrical appliances, installations, maintenance and repairs, and you can rest assured of an expert service.

Cities of service

For all, you commercial and residential heating and cooling needs in Tri-Cities, WA including Pasco, Kennewick, Highland, Finley, Richland, Eltopia and Benton City Washington, call us and live the dream of a comfortable workplace or home.