Heating Cooling Services Maintenance Plans

Furnace Service Plan Includes:

Heat Exchanger – Will be inspected for cracks and deterioration. CO test included.
Air Filter – Will be replaced at time of maintenance (standard sizes).
Burners – Will be inspected and cleaned.
Thermocouple/HSI – Will be inspected for wear.
Fan Switch – Inspected and adjusted as needed.
Pilot – Will be cleaned and adjusted as needed.
Safety Controls – Will be operationally checked.
Blower Wheel – Will remove and clean the blower motor and wheel once per year.
Gas Line – Will be leak-checked from the furnace shut-off valve to the burners.
Combustion Air – Openings will be checked and adjusted.
Secure All Panels – Loose panels increase operating costs and can cause dangerous conditions.
Thermostat – Will be cleaned and checked for proper operation.
Will make necessary recommendations as needed.

Air Conditioning Plan Includes:

Air Filter – Will be replaced (standard sizes).
Condensing Coil – Inspect and wash.
Evaporator Coil – Inspect and clean.
Blower Wheel – Will remove and clean the blower motor and wheel once per year.
Refrigerant Change – Check superheat and subcooling to verify proper freon charge.
Belts/Pulleys – Will be inspected and adjusted as required.
Lubrication – Motors and bearings
Thermostat – Will be checked for proper operation.
Controls & Safeties – Inspect and test.
Motors – Cleaned, oiled, and inspected.
Capacitors – Inspect and test.
Condensate Drain – Line will be checked to assure it’s open and draining.
Crankcase Heater – Will be operationally checked.
Relays & Contactors – Will be inspected.
Unit Disconnect – Will be inspected. Worn disconnects are dangerous and will blow fuses.
Unit Wiring – Inspect for degradation. Inspect and tighten loose connections.

Heat Pump Plan:

Defrost Timer – Checked and tested.
Reversing Valve – Operationally checked. An improperly operating reversing valve wastes energy and reduces unit heating output.
Auxillary Heat Strip – Will be tested.