Heat Pump Installation and Service in Kennewick and Pasco, WA

Heat Pump Kenewick Pasco, WA

Heat pumps offer a very appealing alternative to traditional HVAC systems that provide air conditioning and heating, because they can be extremely efficient and they can also cost only a fraction of their counterparts. Because heat pumps do not generate heat or cool air, but simply move it from an exterior source (air, ground, or water) to your home’s interior, they can be operated much less expensively.

Heat Pump Cities of Installation and Service

In these cities of service: Kennewick, WA, Pasco, Highland, Finley, Richland, Eltopia, and Benton City, your best source of high-quality heat pumps is A-One Refrigeration, who offer high-efficiency Daikin products, for their dependability, durability, and maximum performance. Here are some of the fine Daikin heat pump models which you can expect to find at A-One Refrigeration:

Model number DZ20VC – This is a highly energy-efficient model, which can achieve a rating of 21 SEER, resulting in much lower energy bills for your household and vastly improved air quality for your home’s interior. It is powered by a Daikin heating and cooling brand variable-speed swing and scroll compressor, which is a step up from single stage compressors. The Daikin Inside technology provides the most useful diagnostic and performance information, and the heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinet protects the unit from all inclement weather.
Model number DZ18VC – The variable-speed compressor that drives this unit can achieve 19 SEER cooling performance to help your household save on energy bills and contribute significantly to indoor air comfort. The proprietary Daikin Inside technology provides performance diagnostics which can prove highly useful, and the entire unit is shielded from adverse weather conditions by a galvanized steel enclosure with baked enamel finish.
Model number DZ18TC – This heat pump has a two-stage high-efficiency Copeland Ultra Tech scroll compressor to provide cost-effective heating and cooling for your household. With proper matching and installation, this unit can achieve a cool cooling performance of up to 18 SEER, and operating noise is kept to a minimum by the acoustically engineered sound control blanket.
Model number DZ16TC – The high-density foam compressor sound blanket allows for silent operation, and the two-stage Copeland Ultra Tech scroll compressor provides highly efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling throughout the seasons. With correct setup and matching, this heat pump can achieve a cooling performance rating of 16 SEER.
Model number DZ16SA – Advanced diagnostics are continuously monitoring heat pump performance to reduce failures and identify possible trouble spots for quick repair in this high-efficiency heat pump unit. Equipped with the Copeland scroll compressor and advanced Copeland Core Sense Technology, this heat pump delivers economic heating and cooling to your household for many years.
Why A-One Refrigeration?

Yes, there are other HVAC dealerships in the Kennewick, WA area, but to be sure of getting the highest quality products and service, you should take your heating and air conditioning needs to A-One. Whether it’s time for a brand new installation, or you simply need reliable service on your existing HVAC system, you can expect the most professional service and the finest heating and cooling systems from A-One.

In addition, payment terms for new equipment are made as manageable as possible, with no hidden clauses or fine print that comes back to haunt you at some point. You can’t buy better HVAC products than the 5-star Daikin line of heat pumps offered to valued customers, and since those great products are coupled with A-1 customer service, A-One is simply the best choice you can make!