How Flushing Prevents Water Heater Repair

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Water heater repair works just like your car. They need regular maintenance in order to work better and for longer. You will find that proper water heater maintenance can pay for itself and more in saved energy and the elimination of premature water heater replacement. We’ll show you more below.

Reasons to Flush My Water Heater?

Over time your water heater will collect items such as sediment, minerals, dirt, and calcium that can settle at the bottom of the tank over time. The effect is similar to a gas tank that has sediment buildup at the bottom. However, the heating element of your water heater is located at the bottom of the tank. Your water heater has to work harder to heat when heat is blocked by sediment and other materials.

Is It Dangerous to Flush a Water Heater?

The good news is there is really no downside to flushing a water heater. Even a little sediment build up can cause damage. It is more expensive to leave the sediment than to flush the water heater out regularly. The benefits to flushing a water heater include:

  • Avoiding premature breakdown.
  • Better supply of hot water.
  • Lower power or gas bills.
  • Less noise from the water heater.
  • Better for the environment.

How Often Should I Flush My Water Heater?

The answer to flushing your water heater question depends on many factors. For example, if you live in warmer areas where hot showers are less needed, you can wait longer. Those of us who live in colder areas, such as the Washington Tri-Cities, use more hot water and are more likely to need a flush. The age of the unit also matters, as older units can tend to build more sediment. Another important factor is how hard your water is, which is also determined by items such as location, water municipality, etc. You may consult this map to see the concentration of calcium carbonate in your water.

The general rule in water heaters is to have them flushed every one to three years, depending on the above.

Learn how to do your own flush to prevent water heater repair.

Water Heater Repair in the Washington Tri-Cities

We are proud to be running a $97 water heater flush now through July 30, 2020 to ensure your water heater remains in good working condition. Our techs will also examine the unit during the flush to identify any imminent issues.

Feel free to contact our team to get help selecting, installing, and repairing a water heater if you live in the Tri Cities, Pasco, Kennewick, or surrounding areas.