Commercial Refrigeration for Businesses In Pasco, Kennewick WA

We service commercial size refrigerator or freezer for businesses

If you own a restaurant business, grocery store, or simply require a lot more cold storage space, you need a commercial size refrigerator or freezer. At A-One Refrigeration & Heating, Inc. of Pasco, WA, we are the Tri-Cities’ premier provider of commercial and industrial refrigeration products. We carry a huge line of walk-in fridge and freezer units as well as a wide array of refrigerated display cases in many sizes and styles. We offer prompt delivery and full installation on all of our products.

In addition to providing terrific refrigeration equipment, A-One Refrigeration & Heating, Inc. also offers a complete range of repairs and maintenance on all commercial and industrial refrigerators. Our technicians are all licensed, insured and factory trained to repair most major brands. We supply parts and accessories for your commercial unit, so there’s no waiting for back-ordered items.

We offer competitive rates, prompt service and, when possible, same day delivery. Trust the refrigeration experts to keep it cool! Call A-One Refrigeration & Heating, Inc. today if you are located in the surrounding areas of Kennewick and Pasco, WA.

For many businesses in the Tri-Cities, including Pasco, Kennewick, WA area, properly functioning commercial refrigeration equipment is critical.  This equipment runs day and night and if it malfunctions, the costs are substantial.  Agricultural packing and food processing facilities are required by law to store their products correctly, at precise temperatures and contamination free.  The size and nature of the business, whether a food processing plant, warehouse, or supermarket, determine the kind of commercial refrigeration used.  Central refrigeration systems are refrigerated areas attached to remote condensers where waste heat is discharged outside the refrigerated area.  Smaller businesses, such as hotels or restaurants, often use stand-alone commercial refrigeration systems which consist of a case, evaporator, and condenser enveloped in one entity.

Commercial refrigeration Installation

Correct installation per specifications is the first step to an efficient and reliable commercial refrigeration system. Only qualified refrigeration professionals have the expertise to provide quality installation key to equipment operation.

Maintenance and Repair

Routine refrigeration maintenance can effectively keep the equipment working longer at high performance levels.Following are some maintenance tips:

  • Contract with a qualified cooling professional for seasonal assessments to check combustion, refrigerant level, and belts
  • Do not overstock the unit as this disrupts airflow
  • Wash cooling coils frequently to ensure adequate airflow and heat removal

Eventually, most systems will require repair service.  Refrigeration professionals will troubleshoot issues to narrow down repair and replacement causes.  Initially, an expert will:

  • Verify the outlet has power and that the ground and neutral are accurately wired
  • Test the plug, wiring, and connections into the piece of equipment
  • Make sure the on/off switch is working
  • Confirm the fans are running, rotating in the correct directions, and that the motors and blades are correctly sized for the unit
  • Establish that no safeties or controls are being by-passed by the system
  • Ascertain that grills, panels, and fan/coil enclosures are installed and promote optimal air flow

If the commercial refrigerator unit is freezing up, a skilled technician:

  • Verifies the evaporator fan is operating and turning correctly
  • Confirms that the coil is clean and that there is a clear drain line
  • Inspects pressures and temperatures

Refrigeration compressor problems may be indicated when:

  • It is not pulling any amperage
  • It’s hot
  • There is noise when it tries to start
  • The compressor runs with minimal amp draw, elevated suction pressure, and minimal discharge pressure

For compressor problems, professionals make sure that the:

  • Condenser fan is running
  • Condenser coil is clean

Commercial refrigerators must maintain precise temperature levels.  When a system is failing to do this, specialists will verify:

  • Normal temperatures, pressures, superheat, and sub-cooling
  • Gaskets are properly sealed, accurately positioned, and in good working order

Commercial chest or walk-in freezers, like those used in warehouses and hotels, may be malfunctioning if there is excessive frost inside the unit. The source of the problem could be the defrost control, thermostat, or heater.  When these devices are not working properly, the cooling ability of your valuable refrigeration equipment is negatively impacted. Refrigeration specialists have the expertise to resolve the complexity of malfunctioning electrical components without further damaging the refrigeration unit.

Refrigeration cooling problems need to get fixed safely and quickly. Don’t let just anyone handle your commercial refrigeration services in Tri-Cities, including Pasco, Kennewick, WA.  Call the specialists at A-One Refrigeration & Heating, Inc. today.