May 21, 2016

Need Electrical Certification Services? With UL Listing?

Some time ago, I was looking for a company to certify all the circuit boards being built into a new line of laptop computers, hoping to earn certification for the highly specialized construction techniques being used. I wanted potential buyers to have the surety of knowing that the real heart of the machines being sold had been built in a manner compliant with the highest standards of workmanship, so they could be confident in purchasing these computers.

After consulting with a number of local contractors, one company name that kept coming up was A-One Refrigeration and Heating, Inc. I had seen the company name pop up before on other listings like HVAC Specialists, but I had no idea they were actually involved in as many services and products as they are, especially one as specialized as UL Certification.

As it turns out, by working with them, I was able to ensure that all manufacturing work on the circuit boards was up to snuff, and could be relied upon to provide continuous, high-performance service to potential buyers. And of course, that work earned the coveted UL listing symbol, which is so essential for instilling user confidence.

As a matter of fact, since I had that opportunity to work so closely with A-One company representatives, I have contracted with them since that time to provide other services they specialize in as well. I was so satisfied with the service provided by A-One at the time, that I decided it might be worthwhile letting others know of the kind of value they might bring to your projects. Here are some of the services A-One has provided for others, and which might make your life a lot easier too, if you’re in the construction or product manufacturing business.

Services offered by A-One Refrigeration and Heating

UL Certification – I know from experience that once your company has earned the UL symbol of certification, only periodic re-checking is usually necessary to ensure that your manufacturing standards are being maintained at an acceptable level. The benefits which accrue to your company by having this symbol of confidence simply cannot be understated.

Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) – I learned of the invaluable service provided to the region by the WRPS several years ago, and how they are cleaning up the environment and ensuring a safe future for coming generations. With a massive clean-up project underway, the WRPS has had their project procedures and methods certified by A-One.

Generator installation and repair – A-One provides generator installation and repair for businesses and homes needing a standby source of power for those times when power becomes unavailable, either through storm damage or simple mechanical failure at utility stations. I have availed myself of this service personally, and no longer have any fears about power outages.

Electrical contractor service – for building projects or single-home applications. I recommended A-One to a friend, and he has thanked me about 20 times since then.

Panel service upgrades and repairs – this becomes necessary when the main electrical panel in your home or office suffers some kind of damage or degradation through aging.

Sub-panel installs – this interface between your main panel and individual system circuits must be sized correctly and installed properly to maintain peak service delivery.

Lighting installs and upgrades – you can have just the right lighting for your facility, and with new energy-saving strategies to make them all more cost-effective. I had all my lighting modernized just two years ago, and it has been a great investment.
Service area

A-One services a broad region in the southern Washington area, including Kennewick, Pasco, Highland, Finley, Richland, Eltopia, Benton City, Badger, and West Pasco. If your company or residence should have need of any of the services listed above, I heartily recommend that you contact A-One Refrigeration and Heating, Inc.

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